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A Christmas Song

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I wish you happy holidays with a Christmas song I composed in 2002. I edited the orchestration and recorded it again. It’s fun to revisit things you did ten years ago! I would like to thank Nancy Cote for letting me use her beautiful painting in this video. It is called “Christmas Market in Germany”. You can view her inspiring work at http://nancycote.blogspot.com comprar viagra sildenafil Share this with:

“Malena” theme arranged for piano

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I realized that there is not piano version of the popular soundtrack the Ennio Morricone composed for Giuseppe Tornatore’s “Malena“. The main theme called “Inchini Ipocriti E Disperazione”, was always one of my favorite Morricone ‘s themes. So, I decided to write down the arrangement I used to play in the piano. You can download it for free here: Malena Theme – Inchini Ipocriti E Disperazione – Piano – Yiannis Kranidiotis.pdf and you can listen to it here: Bellow is the …

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” reOrchestrated.

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The summer has almost finished so it is time for a new post! I reOrchestrated Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” for solo cello, symphonic orchestra, SATB choir and the original voice of Kurt Cobain. I would love to read your comment on this! Share this with:

Zombies, Run!

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The last weeks I have been using an exciting app for my running routines called “Zombies, Run!”. It is  a running game and audio adventure for both iPhone and Android devices. You can read more at www.zombiesrungame.com Inspired by the stories of this audio adventure I wrote a piece trying to describe the atmosphere of the “Zombies, Run!” game. I also dramatized the music creating a video with a similar timeline of the game mission and using the graphics and …

“Paint it black” on Facebook by SHS

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SecondHandSongs posted my re-orchestrated version of “Paint it black” on their Facebook page. Here is the link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/SecondHandSongs/25077961981 Share this with:

“Clenched Fist” – A March!

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“Clenched Fist” is a march in the soviet-red army style of Alexandrov. It was a good opportunity to test some new choir libraries. Share this with:

MusIcon™: “Composition A”

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Hint: place your mouse over the picture and move it around. Use mouse wheel or double click to zoom in/out. For best experience click full screen. Click the bulb icon for a visual representation of the soundscape. “Composition A” by Piet Mondrian is an abstract painting where color is used lavishly, showing bright contrast between yellow and black, red and blue, framed by dark lines and white space. My decision was to approach this painting rhythmically. I used only percussion …