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  • AnimWatch

    AnimWatch was added in the links page. AnimWatch is a site dedicated to the best independent animated films. Check it out.

  • Click on the egg!

    I added the music of “Egghunt!”. Click on the egg!

  • Reorganized my website

    I reorganized my website. Now there is a film music category on the menu with information on the short films that I have worked on. The old video category has been moved…

  • Short animated film

    The music for the short animated film “Out of the Box” is completed. In a few days, I will post more info about it.

  • Another short film added

    Another short film added. I will write the music for “My parents are trying to kill me” a short animated film by Nigel Wood.  To read more about the film click here.

  • New design

    My website has now a new design and the new domain

  • I just finished the music…

    I just finished the music for the short  film “Egghunt!”. Click here to watch the trailer and read  more about the music and the film.