Month / April 2005

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  • Another short film added

    Another short film added. I will write the music for “My parents are trying to kill me” a short animated film by Nigel Wood.  To read more about the film click here.

  • “My parents are trying to kill me” – Short Film Music

    I am very happy that I will compose the music for this challenging short film.

  • New design

    My website has now a new design and the new domain

  • EggHunt – The Music

    Music for the short animated film “Egghunt”. Read more about the music and short film here.

  • “EggHunt” – A short film by Paul Yan

     “Egghunt” is short animated film by Paul Yan. It is the tale of a hungry caveman on a quest to fill his stomach. He discovers a nest full of plump eggs just inches beyond his reach and must devise a way to get them before he loses them all.

  • I just finished the music…

    I just finished the music for the short  film “Egghunt!”. Click here to watch the trailer and read  more about the music and the film.