Here you can find information about the music a have written for some short films.
Some projects are still in development and some other have been abandoned.

“EggHunt” – A short film by Paul Yan

 “Egghunt” is short animated film by Paul Yan. It is the tale of a hungry caveman on a quest to fill his stomach. He discovers a nest full of plump eggs just inches beyond his reach and must devise a way to get them before he loses them all.

“Out of the box” – Short Film Music

“Out of the box” is short animated film by Martin Maximilian Michl. What happens to the monkey, waking up in a unknown surrounding, a room he has never been in before? How will he explore the space around him? How will he adapt? When will he get bored? Depressed? Angry?

“‘Till Death Do Us Part” – Short Film Music

Synopsis Harold’s desire for living ended when his wife of 60 years   passed. All that he is left with is a dusty old house and fading memories. Can a   knock at the door from an unwelcome visitor change things around in time? Created and Directed by Rick May Original score by Yiannis Kranidiotis. Go to…

“The Yellow House” – Short Film Music

In this project three musicians will combine their forces. The german pianist Till Mertens, Barb Dwyer who plays the Hurdy Gurdy – a medieval stringed instrument – and me.

“My parents are trying to kill me” – Short Film Music

I am very happy that I will compose the music for this challenging short film.