“Out of the box” – Short Film Music

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“Out of the box” is short animated film by Martin Maximilian Michl.

What happens to the monkey, waking up in a unknown surrounding, a room he has never been in before? How will he explore the space around him? How will he adapt? When will he get bored? Depressed? Angry? Then there is not only the room and the monkey, but also the aperture and the empty space outside. Soon the room will be stronger defined by itself but by the nothing enclosing it. And by the question of how our friend ever will get out … out of the box.

Written, directed and animated by Martin Maximilian Michl
Original score by Yiannis Kranidiotis.

Listen to the music of  “Out of the box:

Some words about the music of “Out of the box”

Still image from the short film “Out of the Box”.

Martin wanted something beyond the convention sound of a traditional classical orchestra. So I decided that I had to search for new sounds and colors for this short film.

I started recording simple sounds inside my home. The sound of a door closing, of a paper or of the window lath. I used these sounds a my percussion instrument and I created various rhythmical patterns.

I also used cencerros, a type of Cuban cowbells, as the leading instrument for my theme. Finally, I added the rest of the orchestra in various parts of the film. The result was a new sound that made Martin happy and me happier! Have a look at the video on the left for an example of the music.

 It was something new for me to work with all these sounds I created and I would like to thank Martin for this.

Yiannis Kranidiotis
Athens, 2006


For more information about “Out of the box”  visit Martin Maximilian Michl’s   website here