“The Yellow House” – Short Film Music


“The Yellow House”, is an animated short by Peter Wilstermann,  that will take you to an introspective voyage to the mind of one of the most admired artists in history, Vincent Willem Van Gogh (1853 – 1890).

In this project three musicians will combine their forces. The german pianist Till Mertens, Barb Dwyer who plays the Hurdy Gurdy – a medieval stringed instrument – and me.

Concept art from the film

Some words about the “The Yellow House” Project

“…The Yellow House Project was born in 2001 while talking with close friend and cousin Rene Murillo about a subject for a short flash animation. The idea was to make some kind of homage to Vincent Van Gogh, with an animated film we had never saw before. As we spoke about the project several elements were added to the concept and one of the most important was music…”

Peter Wilstermann

For the latest information on how the project is going, production articles and some animated scenes visit Peter Wilstermann’s website at www.peterwilster.com

Abandoned Project!

This project has been abandoned…