Ichograph Triptych – Monet

Yiannis Kranidiotis, “Ichograph Triptych – Monet”, 2015, Giclée print on paper (150 cm x 78 cm)

Yiannis Kranidiotis, “Ichograph Triptych – Monet”, 2015, Giclée print on paper (150 cm x 78 cm)

“Ichograph Triptych – Monet” is a digital art derived from the installation “Ichographs“. Three still frames from the installation’s video are composing this image. You can observe the motion of the colors as they fly off the painting. In original “Ichographs” installation, each color is an audio frequency and by combining these frequencies emerging soundscapes are created.

On the right bottom corner of image there is QRcode which the viewer can use to watch and listen to the source video from where the frames were taken.

The  painting used as source is “Rouen Cathedral, West Facade” (1894) by Claude Monet (courtesy of the Getty’s Open Content Program)

Lumen Prize Logo“Ichograph Triptych – Monet”was shortlisted for the Lumen Prize 2015.

Bellow, you can watch the source video from which the three still frames were taken.

Note: This video has very low frequencies that are essential. Please use an audio system that can reproduce low-pitched audio frequencies. Built-in laptop speakers and basic desktop speakers are not recommended.

Watch the source video here.

Read more about Ichographs installation here.

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