Beyond the Realms of Sea and Land

Images of traveling ships are recreated in this kinetic installation.

Black Hole

Black Hole is a light and sound sculpture inspired by the geometry of a black hole. The accretion disk, the event horizon and the singularity are the fundamental structural elements of this sculpture.

8bit Humans

“8bit Human” is a series of interactive light sculptures with a voxel structure and the light cubes/pixels of the 8 primary colors of the 8bit computers.

The Pi(π) Machine

a useless device that calculates the value of Pi (π) by generating 10-bit random numbers using black and white spheres

Cyma {Fos}

Real time data driven kinetic light and sound sculpture highly inspired by natural repeatability and wave movement.

Solar Helix

Solar Helix is an interactive light sculpture driven by the solar wind speed data.


An interactive light and sound sculpture that through the constant reflection of light, explores the concept of infinity.

Ichographs II – Absentia

“Ichographs II – Absentia” was created during the covid-19 pandemic, a time that was defined by the absence of thousands of people.

Don’t Touch Me

“Don’t Touch Me” is a interactive sculpture that investigates the relation between human and technology. You can approach, but you can not touch.

Plastic Sea

“Plastic Sea” is a comment on the increasing pollution of seas with plastic debris. A plastic sheet is covering the entire room and moving giving the illusion of a sea.


Pentatono is a kinetic light and sound sculpture, where harmony and periodicity are the fundamental elements. Motion, sound and light; all are obeying the laws of the harmonic oscillation.

Vanishing Point

A minimal light installation of 9 light tubes for the performance “Vanishing Point”

Touch Me

Interactive Sculpture. Please, touch me. Unlike other artworks that we are advised to keep distance, this sculpture invites you to touch it.

Interactive Outdoor Light Installations

Large scale outdoor interactive light installations in collaboration with Athens Digital Arts Festival exclusively created for the City of Athens

Ichographs vanLoon

“Ichographs vanLoon” is a audiovisual installation from the Ichographs series of works, created for BOZAR’s exhibition for Theodoor van Loon and it is based on five of his paintings.

Cellular Automaton Pi

“Cellular Automaton Pi” is a visualization of an algorithm that uses a mathematical process called cellular automaton to generate random numbers and calculate the value of the mathematical constant Pi (π)

PETE Medusa

PETE Medusa is an interactive light and sound sculpture that have as the main element a common plastic (PETE) bottle.

Ichographs MdelP

A sound and picture artwork that explores the relationships between colors and frequencies with the famous painting of Raffaello “Madonna del Prato”.

Ichographs III – MAK1910

The starting point for this work is the woodcut by A. Tassos entitled “Marinos Antipas, Killerer 1910”


Light Sculpture commissioned by Nike for Thanasis Antetokoumpo.

Light Catcher

Light Catcher is an installation of sound and optical fibres. Sound is driving the light, light is generating the space. An electric spark is igniting the…


“Lightification” is a light and sound sculpture where painting/images are transformed into light and sound.


Real time data driven kinetic sculpture highly inspired by natural repeatability and wave movement. Wooden version without sound.

Climate Snake

“Climate Snake” is a generative video installation inspired by the classic arcade video game “Snake”.

9 months_Rebirth

Immersive and meditational visual and audio space light and sound installation on the theme of rebirth.

Ichographs I

Audio and video artwork that uses images as a starting point in order to create various sonic environments by exploring the relationship between color into sound frequencies.


Pháros is a data driven kinetic light installation that interprets the properties of the discovered exoplanets into movement and light.

8bit God

“8bit God” is an interactive light sculpture made of glass cubes, inspired by the Cycladic Idols and 8 fundamental colors of the digital culture of the 8bit era.


Interactive installation consisting of boxes arranged in a horizontal structure that resembles a dollhouse.


Pentavlos is a kinetic light and sound sculpture. Five white balls are oscillating inside acrylic tubes using the thrust of small propellers at the bottom of each system.

Colour Tubes

“Colour Tubes” is an interactive installation that allows us to combine colours, in the form of tubes and cylinders, and create sounds and music.