Ichographs vanLoon

Audiovisual Installation. 1ch 4Κ video| 2ch sound. Dimension Variable.

Note: This video has very low frequencies that are essential. Please use an audio system that can reproduce  low-pitched audio frequencies. Built-in laptop speakers and basic desktop speakers are not recommended.


“Ichographs vanLoon” is a audiovisual installation from the Ichographs series of works and it is based on five Theodoor van Loon (1582 – 1649) paintings. These paintings are:

  • Pietà
  • Le Martyre de saint Lambert
  • La Délivrance de saint Pierre
  • L’Assomption
  • L’Annonciation


Commissioned by BOZAR for the exhibition “Theodoor Van Loon: A Caravaggist Painter between Rome and Brussels”


Ichographs is a method of creating soundscapes using visual stimulus and the color-frequency transformation. The painting is transformed into the audio domain and back to visual producing a contemporary amalgamation. As we pass through the various color/frequency layers, we investigate the connections between classical aesthetics and the digital practice, revealing a latent version of the old masterpiece. The final artwork is a contemporary amalgamation of the old painting and the modern abstraction methods, a harmonious dialog between the old and the new, the analog and the digital.

“Ichographs vanLoon” was created using openframeworks and Supercollider.

Festivals & Exhibitions:

BOZAR - Theodoor van Loon, Brussels, Belgium (December 12, 2018)