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9 months_Rebirth

Photo by Nick Bramhall

Interactive Light Installation. Optical fibres, LEDs, Raspberry Pi, sensors, custom software.

Immersive and meditational visual and audio space on the theme of ‘rebirth’

Using light and sound as the main elements for creating an immersive environment, this installation is trying to emulate a feeling of rebirth. More than one hundred luminous optical fibres form a pentagonal light cage that stands dimly lit, waiting for a visitor. When the visitor enters inside it, he/she ignites a light and sound sequence, a performance that will transform the light cage into a meditational visual and audio space, where the visitor is challenged to rebirth.

At the beginning, the light will be low powered and white and the sounds will be simple, distant and low frequency. Then more colours will start to appear, together with more complex patterns, rhythms and rich sound frequencies. The sound will be a mix of digital generated interpolated noise along with natural sounds recorded in an underwater environment in order to emulate the audioscape of the fetus. A final light and sound blast will mark the rebirth moment.

Commission through the Culture fund of the European Union with Manchester Metropolitan University, Fondazione Mondo Digitale, I/O Lab and Curated Place

Festivals & Exhibitions:

Rome Media Art Festival 2017, Rome, Italy (April 27, 2017)
SPECTRA 2017, Aberdeen, United Kingdom (February 09, 2017)