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  • “Phobos – Mars I” from “Eight Moons” album

    Here is a “Phobos – Mars I” witch I wrote for Omnimi’s “Eight Moons” album project I released a year ago. You can download the whole album  or purchase it from here

  • Hymn to a hero

    WWII style hymn for choir and orchestra. I first wrote it for an orchestra. Later I realized that a choir gave a soviet style and that I liked it. So here is…

  • Sanctuary

    An epic-fantasy style composition. Many thanks to Raphael Lacoste for providing his amazing artwork.

  • EggHunt – The Music

    Music for the short animated film “Egghunt”. Read more about the music and short film here.

  • Egypt

    Inspired by the music of “The Mummy” and “The Mummy Returns” movies.

  • ElectrOrch

    A combination of modern sounds and rhythms and a classical orchestra. EDIT:  You can hear a revisited version with the addition of a choir that has been included in Omnimi‘s album “Eight…

  • Spider`s Dance

    Can a spider dance? A rhythmic piece about spiders.