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Climate Snake


“Climate Snake” is a generative video/game installation inspired by the classic arcade video game “Snake”. Based on genetic algorithms and neural networks (AI) the system creates a generation of snakes that learn to eat apples and survive. As the snakes die and new generations are created, the snakes evolve through genetic algorithms (natural selection, crossover, and mutation) and they develop intelligence and experience based on neural networks (an AI method based on the neurons in a biological brain).

The installation creates four independent worlds where snakes are born and learn to survive. The first world is the control world where there are no threats from climate change. In the second world, the snakes experience the rise of the sea level. As generations pass, their world is flooded with water and the snakes try to survive in a limited space. In the third world, the temperature is rising as a result of global warming. This creates a hotter environment that affects and reduces the life span of the snakes. In the fourth and last world, there is an increasing food shortage (as a result of climate change). Some snakes are born without apples to eat and die.

The visitor observes all four systems as they try to survive in different conditions. Eventually, all the snakes in the three worlds affected by climate change die, and only the snakes of the control world continue to survive. Then the system restarts.


Patchlab 2022, Małopolska Garden of Art – Kraków, Poland (October 06, 2022)
18th Athens Digital Arts Festival 2022, Athens City Center – Athens, Greece (May 25, 2022)