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3rd TAF – Thessaloniki Animation Film Festival

3rd TAF - Thessaloniki Animation Film Festival Date: 19/10/2017 - 22/10/2017
Category: Festival

Presented Work(s):  
Ichographs MdelP

TAF Thessaloniki Animation Festival is the 4th Animation Festival in Greece and the only one in Thessaloniki a town in Greece with over 1.200.000 population and 150.000 students also Thessaloniki is full of culture, artistic events and festivals.
The creators of the festival are also artists, animators with their own films and full of love for the moving pictures.
We like to bring fresh animation films to Thessaloniki in a great venue and award them for their inspiration and technique !
TAF is a festival with free entrance and no fee to film makers established and directed by AddArt a non profit organization “adding” art & culture everywhere.

ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΚΟΝ Cine Miaouli 51 Thessaloniki, 54642 Greece