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Cosmic Elements

Cosmic Elements Date: 21/07/2023 - 08/10/2023
Category: Exhibition

Presented Work(s):  
Black Hole

Cosmology, from Ancient Greek kósmos (κόσμος) and -logía (-λογία), meaning the “study of the world”. As a concept it brings together natural sciences and philosophy; physics and metaphysics; methods to study nature and beliefs, mythologies, religious and even esoteric approaches.

This exhibition discusses the idea of cosmological elements through several lenses: the lens of science that questions what are the elements that constitute objects in cosmos and the space in-between, elements that can also become central to study the universe and life on planet Earth. In that sense, a selection of cosmological elements also constitutes life on Earth as we humans know it. At the same time, we look at life on Earth and search for life in outer space based on several ideas that continuously built up throughout scientific and research endeavors of cultures throughout human history. Such culturally understood cosmological elements manifest in scientific studies, but also in human dreams and stories being told.

Times Art Museum Fuxing Road No. 69 Beijing, China