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Fotonica Date: 11/11/2022 - 19/11/2022
Category: Festival

Presented Work(s):  
Solar Helix

Audio Visual Digital Art Festival
VI edition – Immersive Edition

A small particle, but strong enough to give rise to all forms of light: the photon is the smallest and brightest fragment of the universe, its dimensions are microscopic and its power enormous and multiform creative power.

The VI edition of FOTONICA Festival from 11 to 19 November has its innovative character that leads him to explore new formulas of involvement.

This edition aims to deepen the audiovisual digital art forms in an immersive environment, from active installations throughout the festival period, to 10 live performances over the 2 weekends showing works created by national and international artists. The public will be enveloped in the new “Immersive Rome” room created for the festival and designed to make the use of the artists’ works an electrifying experience.

An exclusive location to host the site-specific works of the artists selected for this VI Edition of Fotonica. Over 500 meters of 8k projections create an artistic envelope where each work can manifest itself freely and exponentially.

An incredible selection of Live Performances, installations and DJs / VJs born for the Immersive Experience, such as some “Van Gogh Immersive Experience”, which became famous all over the world, others and created environment specifically for the festival, even for the public to investigate and deepen the various possibilities of this new narrative technique capable of combining art with new technologies.

Now in its sixth edition, the Roman festival is a unique event in the panorama of Audio Visual Digital Arts, which investigates all those art forms in which the element of light is central, presenting for years the best experiences in the international field and contributing to the creation of a network that brings together the most important artists from all over the world. The event, promoted by Roma Culture, is the winner of “Contemporaneamente Roma 2020 – 2021 – 2022”, promoted by the Department of Cultural Activities, and it’s organized in collaboration with SIAE.

“Fotone” is the smallest particle of light, with an enormous and multiform creative power, and starting from this concept, FOTONICA takes shape as a festival that focuses on the universe of digital art, with a rich selection of Italian and international artists presenting their creations.

A world made of electromagnetic fields and radiations, luminous fluxes and sounds, which, from 11 to 19 November, will literally see the light through installations and live performances, exhibitions and workshops, practical and theoretical insights and even workshops for children.

A unique edition where the artistic expression, manifested through the element of light, rises to the new degree by embracing the spectators in immersive shows capable of stimulating new sensory experiences.

For the first time, works conceived and elaborated for this edition will be presented, capable of creating a sound and visual environment that envelops the public, pushing the light element to a real artistic explosion. The public will be overwhelmed by the works capable of upsetting the classic perception of artistic expression, becoming an integral part of the environment and experiencing an experience capable of filling the auditory and visual field, strongly involving every sense.

The FOTONICA program is aimed at exploring the different languages, techniques and audio-visual technologies, with the aim of representing the different forms of Audio Visual Digital Arts in an immersive environment.

FOTONICA Festival is produced and organized by Flyer, which since 2004 has given life to LPM – Live Performers Meeting, the largest international event in the Audio Visual Performing Arts area, and since 2014 has produced Live Cinema Festival, the only international festival dedicated to this new form of audio-video performances.

FOTONICA counts among its numerous partners various local and international networks including AVnode, a network of organizations and artists active in the field of AV performances, and PAC (Contemporary Performing Arts) formed as a result of collaborations between various cultural entities operating in the territory of the city of Rome.






Immersive Rome Viale della Bella Villa 106 Rome, 00172 Italy