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Oddstream 2017

Oddstream 2017 Date: 27/10/2017 - 29/10/2017
Category: Festival

Presented Work(s):  
Light Catcher

De Lindenberg is the centre of the arts in Nijmegen, one of the largest cultural organisations in the Netherlands with around 300 employees, among them many artists, cultural operators and a communication department and administrational office. De Lindenberg has several daughter organisations among them Oddstream. Oddstream focuses on the production, display and distribution of (interactive) art at the intersection of e-culture, design and fine arts. The art of Oddstream incorporates the latest technological developments and is innovative an experimental. The visitor becomes a part of the artwork, influences it and reciprocity is established. This offers the audience a different and more profound experience then just looking at a painting or a movie. The viewer becomes a participant and experiences feelings of amazement and estrangement. When encountering art that provokes such reactions the viewer leaves with a story and won’t forget the experience so easily.

Eusebiuskerk Kerkplein 1 Arnhem, 6811 EB Netherlands