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Ichographs II – Absentia

(2021) Audiovisual Installation. 1ch 4Κ video| 2ch sound. Dimension Variable.

“Ichographs II – Absentia” was created during the covid-19 pandemic, a time that was defined by the absence of thousands of people.

Ichographs is an audiovisual artwork that uses a color to audio frequency algorithm to investigate the connections between classical aesthetics and the digital practice, revealing a latent version of the old masterpiece. The final artwork is a contemporary amalgamation of the old painting and the modern abstraction methods, a harmonious dialog between the old and the new, the analog and the digital.

List of the paintings used in this work:

  • “Arnolfini Portrait” – Jan van Eyck (1434)
  • “Self Portrait at Twenty Eight” – Albrecht Durer (1500)
  • “The Return of the Prodigal Son” – Rembrandt (1661-69)
  • “Girl with a Pearl Earring” – Johannes Vermeer (1665)
  • “Madame Monet and Her Son” – Claude Monet (1875)
  • “A Bar at the Folies-Bergère” – Edouard Manett (1882)
  • “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte” – Georges Seurat (1886)
  • “Self – Portrait” – Vincent van Gogh (1887)
  • “American Gothic” – Grant Wood (1930)


The Tides of the Century: Thesis- Antithesis-Synthesis. In the Belt of Change, Ocean Flower Island Museum – Danzhou, China (February 08, 2021)