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Ichographs vanLoon

Audiovisual Installation. 1ch 4Κ video| 2ch sound. Dimension Variable.


Note: This video has very low frequencies that are essential. Please use an audio system that can reproduce  low-pitched audio frequencies. Built-in laptop speakers and basic desktop speakers are not recommended.


“Ichographs vanLoon” is a audiovisual installation from the Ichographs series of works and it is based on five Theodoor van Loon (1582 – 1649) paintings. These paintings are:

  • Pietà
  • Le Martyre de saint Lambert
  • La Délivrance de saint Pierre
  • L’Assomption
  • L’Annonciation


Commissioned by BOZAR for the exhibition “Theodoor Van Loon: A Caravaggist Painter between Rome and Brussels”


Ichographs is a method of creating soundscapes using visual stimulus and the color-frequency transformation. The painting is transformed into the audio domain and back to visual producing a contemporary amalgamation. As we pass through the various color/frequency layers, we investigate the connections between classical aesthetics and the digital practice, revealing a latent version of the old masterpiece. The final artwork is a contemporary amalgamation of the old painting and the modern abstraction methods, a harmonious dialog between the old and the new, the analog and the digital.

“Ichographs vanLoon” was created using openframeworks and Supercollider.

Ichographs vanLoon at BOZAR

Photos from the exhibition of Ichographs vanLoon at BOZAR, Brussels.

Festivals & Exhibitions:

Little Islands Festival, Sikinos, Greece (August 23, 2019)
BOZAR - Theodoor van Loon, Brussels, Belgium (December 12, 2018)