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Symposio is an art-driven technology experiment that aims to enhance our dining experience and promote healthier eating habits by reducing automatic or mindless eating with the use of light and AI. The project is part of the Hungry Ecocities STARTS residency program and a collaboration between artist Yiannis Kranidiotis and Studio Other Spaces, In4Art, and the KU Leuven Institute.

This experiment primarily intervenes in the final stage of the food value chain, specifically focusing on the consumption and dining experience. Symposio is trying to create an immersive dining experience by curating the light intensity and temperature of the dining space based on selected scenarios. AI audio analysis is used to provide an assessment of the participants’ activities and create an atmosphere that encourages individuals to be present, mindful, and appreciate the communal act of sharing meals. The goal is to positively impact the eating ritual, encouraging individuals to eat more slowly, with greater care, attention, and perhaps even altering their eating habits.


S+T+ARTS HUNGRY ECOCITIES, Het Nieuw Instituut – Rotterdam, Netherlands (May 16, 2024)

During our research on eating habits, we observed that one element has been present since the dawn of humanity yet has often been overlooked in terms of its significance and importance. And this element is Light. Light not only illuminates the dining space but also influences ambiance, mood, and even perception of food. From early civilizations to modern times, light has played a crucial role in shaping dining experiences and enhancing ambiance.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement 101069990