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“Paint it black” on Facebook by SHS

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SecondHandSongs posted my re-orchestrated version of “Paint it black” on their Facebook page. Here is the link:

What is a MusIcon?

In a Nutshell.

MusIcon™ is a picture where you can move around it and listen to different music moments. The sounds and music change depending on the place and time. MusIcon™ is an image with an interactive soundscape.

Background Information.

Music in its nature includes motion but most times it doesn’t interact with the listener.  So I designed a virtual 2D audio canvas where I placed a number of music sources in the space. Every source is like a small orchestra that plays a music relevant with the specific picture’s detail. Some of these music sources are musically related and some other are not. The listener can move around (using the mouse in a computer or his/her finger for a touch device) and listen to different musical moments as he is the composer-mixer. The duration of the music of every source is different so there is no obvious restart point of the mix. Considering also the fact that the movement of every listener is also different, gives us unlimited musical moments. In other words, MusIcon™ is an image with an interactive soundscape.

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