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The Tipping Point

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“The Tipping Point” is commissioned by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre as part of the SciArt Resonances IV program. Description The Tipping Point” is… Read More »The Tipping Point

The Pi(π) Machine

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a useless device that calculates the value of Pi (π) by generating 10-bit random numbers using black and white spheres

Cellular Automaton Pi

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“Cellular Automaton Pi” is a visualization of an algorithm that uses a mathematical process called cellular automaton to generate random numbers and calculate the value of the mathematical constant Pi (π)

Climate Snake

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“Climate Snake” is a generative video installation inspired by the classic arcade video game “Snake”.

Ichographs III – MAK1910

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The starting point for this work is the woodcut by A. Tassos entitled “Marinos Antipas, Killerer 1910”

Solar Helix

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Solar Helix is an interactive light sculpture driven by the solar wind speed data.