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(2018) Light Sculpture
Acrylic tube, wood, LEDs, Arduino & custom software.

Commissioned by Nike for Thanasis Antetokoumpo.

Inspired by the athlete’s constant effort to overcome himself/herself, this sculpture uses light to describe this course. In a vertical acrylic tube, a dim light appears and attempts to reach high. Every time the light manages to reach a little higher. The power and speed of light are constantly increasing. It gets higher and higher until it manages to overcome itself and gets out of it. Then the speed and strength becomes inconceivable and transforms into a white light. Thanasis Antetokoumpo began his athletic life in the same way. The first steps were slow and weak but the struggle and the effort were constant until the recognition. His will to become stronger, faster, to get higher, and to overcome his objectives, was my inspiration for this work.



  • The height of the light tube is 2.01m and matches the height of Thanasis Antetokoumpo.
  • The diameter of the round base is equal to the basketball rim.
  • The colors of light are inspired by Nike’s new Pegasus shoe.
  • The light motion imitates the motion of a basket ball as it bounces on the floor.



We Fly. Athens, Athens, Greece (June 06, 2018)