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MusIcon: “Composition A”

Hint: place your mouse over the picture and move it around. For best experience click full screen.

“Composition A” by Piet Mondrian is an abstract painting where color is used lavishly, showing bright contrast between yellow and black, red and blue, framed by dark lines and white space. My decision was to approach this painting rhythmically. I used only percussion and different rhythmic signatures for every color. So we have:


4/4 rhythm by Sticks and Castanets.


5/8 rhythm by African Drums


6/8 rhythm by Electronic Percussion


9/8 rhythm by Middle Eastern Percussion


7/8 rhythm by Processed Percussion

Note: All rhythms have the same tempo. As a result, all the beats (eights) occur simultaneously. What differs from one rhythm to another is the accent beats. In the rhythms I used, the main accent is always the first beat and then there are secondary accents (the second or third or any other) depending on the rhythm. What is interesting is that we will hear all the first accent beats of all the rhythms simultaneously for the second time (after the first occurrence in the beginning) after 1260 beats (eights)! 1260 is the least common multiple of 4,5,6,7,9 (the numerators of the time signatures of the rhythms).

What is a MusIcon?

MusIcon is a picture where you can move and listen to different music moments. There are various music sources that come from different points. If you want to read more about the creation and inspiration of MusIcon read my post here.

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