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    Red Stroke from Joan Miro’s Blue II

    Looking at the red stroke at Joan Miro’s Blue II painting, this music came up. Originally written for MusIcon: Blue II

  • “Following the Star to Bethlehem”

    “These three wise men are taking a shortcut. There’s only one camel on deck. The other two are below because they get seasick.”  — James C. Christensen Merry Christmas and may all…

  • “Mensis October” for choir and orchestra

    Finally, after a year, I manage to find the time to finish this composition. I start working on this on October last year and I finish it this October, so the title “Mensis October”…


    “Christmas Eve”

    Merry Christmas with this new piece I wrote for Christmas. I started composing it last year but I didn’t manage to finish it on time. So this year It was easy for…


    A Christmas Song

    I wish you happy holidays with a Christmas song I composed in 2002. I edited the orchestration and recorded it again. It’s fun to revisit things you did ten years ago! I…


    Zombies, Run!

    Inspired by the stories of “Zombies, Run!” audio adventure I wrote a piece trying to describe the atmosphere…

  • “Clenched Fist” – A March!

    “Clenched Fist” is a march in the soviet-red army style of Alexandrov. It was a good opportunity to test some new choir libraries.