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  • 8bit God

    “8bit God” is an interactive light sculpture made of glass cubes, inspired by the Cycladic Idols and 8 fundamental colors of the digital culture of the 8bit era.

  • Black Hole

    Black Hole is a light and sound sculpture inspired by the geometry of a black hole. The accretion disk, the event horizon and the singularity are the fundamental structural elements of this sculpture.

  • Don’t Touch Me

    “Don’t Touch Me” is a interactive sculpture that investigates the relation between human and technology. You can approach, but you can not touch.

  • PETE Medusa

    PETE Medusa is an interactive light and sound sculpture that have as the main element a common plastic (PETE) bottle.

  • Fly

    Light Sculpture commissioned by Nike for Thanasis Antetokoumpo.

  • Lightification

    “Lightification” is a light and sound sculpture where painting/images are transformed into light and sound.

  • Cyma {Fos}

    Real time data driven kinetic light and sound sculpture highly inspired by natural repeatability and wave movement.