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  • Yiannis Kranidiotis, “Ichograph Triptych – Monet”, 2015, Giclée print on paper (150 cm x 78 cm)

    Ichograph Triptych – Monet

    “Ichograph Triptych – Monet” is a digital art derived from the installation “Ichographs”. Three still frames from the installation’s video are composing this image.

  • Light Catcher

    Light Catcher is an installation of sound and optical fibres. Sound is driving the light, light is generating the space. An electric spark is igniting the…

  • Ichographs I

    Audio and video artwork that uses images as a starting point in order to create various sonic environments by exploring the relationship between color into sound frequencies.

  • Colour Tubes

    “Colour Tubes” is an interactive installation that allows us to combine colours, in the form of tubes and cylinders, and create sounds and music.

  • MusIcon: “Composition A”

    “Composition A” by Piet Mondrian is an abstract painting where color is used lavishly. My decision was to approach this painting rhythmically…

  • MusIcon: “The Empire of Light”

    While working on this MusIcon™, the “The Empire of Light (L’Empire des lumières)” by René Magritte, I faced a problem…

  • MusIcon: “Blue II”

    “Blue II” by Joan Miro is the second MusIcon I composed. In this painting there are 3 main different music themes…