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Sound Installation

The Tipping Point

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The Tipping Point” highlights the urgency and the increased risk that one or several tipping elements in the climate system might cross a critical threshold.

Ichographs vanLoon

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“Ichographs vanLoon” is a audiovisual installation from the Ichographs series of works, created for BOZAR’s exhibition for Theodoor van Loon and it is based on five of his paintings.

PETE Medusa

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PETE Medusa is an interactive light and sound sculpture that have as the main element a common plastic (PETE) bottle.


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Pháros is a data driven kinetic light installation that interprets the properties of the discovered exoplanets into movement and light.

9 months_Rebirth

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Immersive and meditational visual and audio space light and sound installation on the theme of rebirth.

Touch Me

Interactive Sculpture. Please, touch me. Unlike other artworks that we are advised to keep distance, this sculpture invites you to touch it.


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Interactive installation consisting of boxes arranged in a horizontal structure that resembles a dollhouse.