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  • Cyma

    Real time data driven kinetic sculpture highly inspired by natural repeatability and wave movement. Wooden version without sound.

  • Ichographs

    “Ichographs” is a series of works where colors are transformed into audio frequencies. (2018) Ichographs vanLoon (2015) Ichographs MdelP (2014) “Ichographs I”  (2015) “Ichograph Triptych – Monet”  

  • 9 months_Rebirth

    Immersive and meditational visual and audio space light and sound installation on the theme of rebirth.

  • Touch Me

    Interactive Sculpture. Please, touch me. Unlike other artworks that we are advised to keep distance, this sculpture invites you to touch it.

  • Dollhouse

    Interactive installation consisting of boxes arranged in a horizontal structure that resembles a dollhouse.

  • Ichographs MdelP

    A sound and picture artwork that explores the relationships between colors and frequencies with the famous painting of Raffaello “Madonna del Prato”.

  • Pentavlos

    Pentavlos is a kinetic light and sound sculpture. Five white balls are oscillating inside acrylic tubes using the thrust of small propellers at the bottom of each system.